PRF Environmental Radio Modem

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Picture of the PRF radio modem
  • 2.4GHz Transceiver
  • Line-of-Sight Range of 2 miles
  • Operates from -40C to +85C
  • Powered with +12VDC
  • Direct interfaces: HCMOS, RS232, RS485 (MODBUS RTU), SDI-12

The PRF Environmental Radio Modem

The PRF Environmental Radio Modems are reliable and highly adaptable units which provides a wireless connection between a wide variety of communications interfaces including RS232, RS485 and HCMOS (eg. SDI-12) devices.

The PRF give your stand-alone devices wireless remote communications capability without having to purchase additional interface equipment. HCMOS, RS232, MODBUS RTU and SDI-12 devices may be connected directly to the PRF. This added capability is provided with reliability in all foreseeable environmental conditions. Shown below are some examples of the configurations that are possible with the PRF.



Transceiver: Aerocomm AC3124

User-configurable as slave or master. User-configurable to the following interfaces:


Power Supply
+10.5 to 15 VDC input for external battery, charger or power supply

Physical Characteristics

Painted steel enclosure (NEMA 4, 12):
Height - 152 mm. (6.0 in.)
Width - 152 mm. (6.0 in.)
Depth - 130 mm. (5.0 in.)
Weight : 1 Kg (2.2 lb.)
Mounting : welded bracket, Standard
 Use four #10 bolts or screws.

Environmental Characteristics

Operating : -40 to +85 C
Storage : -60 to +100C
Humidity : <= 100% non-condensing

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